Covid Safety Protocol for In-Person Conference

Updated March 15, 2022

We want to welcome everyone to the conference - either the In-person version or Virtual version. There is an option for everyone.


We are building a comprehensive (hey it's our middle name) covid safety policy and protocol
that will work on multiple levels. We will of course follow all the requirements of the state of
New Mexico as well as any local requirements.


Our #1 concern is the safety and comfort of everyone that comes to the in-person version of the conference.  We have been poring through the science and research as well as guidelines offered by organizations such as the WHO, the CDC, and the European Centre for Disease Prevention and Control. We know there is a lot of conflicting information out there; some of it due to the developing science, some due to legitimate scientific discourse and disagreement
and some due to misinformation.   


At the end of the day our goal is to minimize the risk of people getting infected with Covid-19 and/or becoming seriously ill because of many people being together indoors.  Therefore, we are taking the following approach.


We are all part of the solution.

If you have been exposed to someone who has Covid-19 within 2 weeks before the conference, please do not to come to the conference unless you've had no symptoms at 3-4 days post discovery of exposure AND you've had 2 negative antigen tests.

Safety measures provided by the hotel (click here)


  • ​The Hyatt Tamaya has upgraded the entire meeting space air filtration system to MERV 13! This level or higher is needed to effectively filter out of the air the virus and/or air droplets to which the virus attaches. This is huge deal for increased safety.

  •  Seating during meetings will NOT be shoulder to shoulder. There will be considerable space between chairs. Please do not move chairs as the placement is for everyone's safety.  


Required safety measures for attendance to the in-person event.

Before being allowed to enter, all attendees must: 

  • Provide documentation indicating that they are fully vaccinated for Covid-19 (we are not requiring people to have a booster)* 

(the only exception are people who have a bona fide document of recovery from Covid-19
within 6 months of the conference.) ** 



  • Have had a  PCR or a Rapid Antigen Test (can be at-home***) that shows they are negative for Covid-19 within 48 hours of attending the conference.  This is on the honor system.


  • Bring 1 rapid self-test*** with you . Please use of this before coming to the registration desk to check in. Again, this is on the honor system.  

    Anyone who tests positive will be asked to self-quarantine in their room and watch the virtual version of the conference. Every effort will be made to have virtual participants feel included. 

  • All attendees must wear masks over their nose and mouth in the meeting rooms and halls (Except when eating or drinking).

- High-quality masks (surgical, KN95 or N95​) are highly recommended:  

* Bring and be prepared to show your vaccination card, a digital copy of your card or a digital passport such as  the Excelsior pass used in New York State or the Docket App used in New Jersey.

** Before May 1st:  Send a copy of your document of recovery dated no earlier than Nov 15, 2021. 
       Click here to upload.    Or fax to 484-418-1019.   


***Our investigation has suggested that the ACON FlowFlex test may be the most accurate with the Omicron  variant. However, over the next few weeks new data may come out. This is just a suggestion. 


       Click here for requirements of an acceptable document of recovery.  


The acceptability of natural immunity as a result of Covid-19 infection is used by the European Vaccine Passport guidelines that covers 30 countries allowing travel with a document of recovery from Covid-19 within 6 months.  While the science is still unfolding, there is considerable research on the CDC website
that supports this contention.

       ACEP reserves the right to update these policies as conditions change.



ACEP does it's best to accommodate a diversity of thought on many things. We appreciate that some have a strong opinion on this issue. The fact of the matter is that there are considerable scientific and policy disagreements on the issue of covid safety and vaccine safety, with concomitant strong feelings. You should know that ACEP leadership has spent considerable energy going through the data on these matters, and unfortunately the different data streams cannot be easily reconciled.  


We are keenly aware that there are different points of view on this matter.  We understand that this policy excludes people who are not able to be vaccinated. It also places some burdens on people that want to attend the in-person conference (such as testing). We are deeply sorry for any inconvenience.  

With this policy, ACEP is not making a statement about the very significant disagreements that are involved with this issue. We have chosen a policy for this conference only.  We will review the outcomes of this policy later and re-assess


Optional safety measures for attendance to the in-person event.


One way of being comprehensive is to have a multi-faceted approach to solving problems. 

In addition to the mandatory requirements and honor system self-testing, we are offering two possible measures that participants can take if they choose. These approaches are not to be construed as medical advice, and we cannot guarantee their effectiveness. Anyone who has questions about how these measures apply to their own health and medical circumstances should consult a qualified practitioner. 


  • There has been research supporting the effectiveness of using nasal sprays to reduce the presence of covid-19 in nasal passages. Some nasal sprays are anti-viral (they block covid-19 infections in the nose) and virucidal (they actually kill and/or deactivate the virus). One such product is called Xlear. It is a xylitol-based nasal spray that has research supporting its effectiveness as an anti viral and virucidal agent. This product can be easily purchased through Amazon.   NOTE:  the Xlear company is donating its xylitol-based nasal spray and mouthwash to the conference!!  You can read about the studies here


  • BENGS Resonant Water will be available for a nominal price at the conference. It begins as regular water treated via Bengston Rapid Image Cycling (RIC)*. This water then follows a proprietary enhancing process to create Resonant Water - water which contains resonant information. Research indicates cells that have need will respond to healing stored in substances such as water or cotton. Cells that have no healing need exhibit no anomalous transcriptional changes when exposed.  
    You can read more here




Register for the Conference Without Financial Risk


Covid-related Conference Registration Refund Policy

If for any reason you are unable to attend the conference, ACEP  will refund your registration in full, at any time before the conference begins. You can also apply your funds to the virtual conference.

Covid-related Hotel Cancellation Policies

In the event that a person comes down with covid and cannot attend the conference, the hotel will also waive the 72 hr cancellation policy for a covid-related cancellation provided that you cancel by the day your registration begins.

Most airlines allow covid-related cancellations.