Thursday, May 2, 2019     5:15-6:45 PM

(1.5 CE Hours Each**)

Bill O'Hanlon, MS

The Four Energies: The Compass for Knowing What to Do with the Rest of Your Life

“I get up every morning determined both to change the world and have one hell of a good time.  Sometimes, this makes planning the day difficult.” –E.B. White

There are four essential life energies that can tell us exactly what we are meant to do with our lives and when change is needed. You will be introduced to the four energies and discover how to tap into them for yourself and your clients to find meaning and direction. You will also learn how to tap into motivation for change with your most angry and challenging clients.


  • List the 4 life energies.

  • Identify the most relevant energy to tap into clients’ motivation.

  • Use one of the four energies to start the change process. 


Bill O'Hanlon, MS, has authored or co-authored 36 books, which have been translated into 17 languages. He has published over 60 articles or book chapters. Bill has appeared on Oprah (with his book Do One Thing Different), The Today Show, and a variety of other television and radio programs. Since 1977, Bill has given over 3500 talks around the world. He is known for his storytelling, irreverent humor, and his clear and accessible style.

Level: All

Friday, May 3, 2019     8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Joan Borysenko, PhD

The Art & Science of Resilience

The planet is experiencing an unprecedented time of radical and unpredictable change. Resilience is a both a mindset and a skill set that all humans beings require in order to cope with change, manage adversity and tolerate uncertainty. While adverse childhood experiences and other traumas damage

the ability to be resilient in both behavior and physiology, it is possible to develop a constellation of 7 mind habits and attitudes that change the brain, protect the telomeres necessary for longevity, and reduce inflammation while engendering stress hardiness and emotional stability. You will learn the 7 major skills of resilience, based in contemplative practices, which can then be cultivated by your clients.   


  • List 7 characteristics of resilience that can be cultivated.

  • Describe a simple mindfulness skill that reduces stress and invites strength.

  • Discuss the concept of liminal time - during periods of change and challenge, and its role in resilience.


Joan Borysenko, PhD, is a world-renowned expert in the mind-body connection. A psychologist and a Harvard-trained cell biologist, her work has been foundational in the health-care revolution that recognizes the role of meaning, and the spiritual dimensions of life as an integral part of health and healing. Joan is author of 16 books, including the New York Times best seller, Minding the Body, Mending the Mind. 

Level: All

Friday, May 3, 2019     5:30 PM - 7:00 PM

Beverly Rubik, PhD

The Biofield in Health & Healing: Scientific Update & Practical Applications

In this far-reaching presentation, Beverly will discuss the current research and practical applications of biofield science. The “anatomy” of the biofield – chakras, meridians, and radiant energy emission – will be described. Research shows changes (usually improvements) in the biofield following mind-body practices and various biofield therapies. Research on the effects of electromagnetic stress shows unhealthy changes in the biofield, especially in those who are electrosensitive. You will learn various ways in which the biofield can be measured and how this can help your clinical work.  You will also learn about some of the significant health challenges we face from wireless communication radiation, including cell phones, and ways that we can reduce our exposure.


  • Describe the human biofield and its various components.

  • Describe 2 methods of biofield assessment and discuss how these assessment techniques can be clinically useful, with examples.

  • List 2 ways that our increasing exposure to electromagnetic radiation from wireless communication devices affects the biofield.

Beverly Rubik, PhD is internationally renowned for her research on the human energy field and is president and founder of the nonprofit laboratory, Institute for Frontier Science, in Oakland, California. There she measures the biofield and investigates health effects of wireless communication frequencies. Beverly is also adjunct faculty at three universities. She earned her PhD (biophysics) at University of California, Berkeley.

Level: All

Saturday, May 4, 2019     8:30 AM - 10:00 AM

Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD

Change Your Genes, Change Your Life: Creating Optimal Health

with the New Science of Epigenetics

Our DNA is not our destiny! In fact, with rare exception, our health is almost completely reliant upon lifestyle choices, including what we eat, how we handle stress, the strength of our relationships, and the toxicity of our environment. Through epigenetics, we now know that it is how our individual genes respond to these factors that creates a unique internal biochemistry that turns genes on or off. Assessing and managing this biochemical environment has opened the door to “personalized medicine” and will become the standard reference for guiding specific lifestyle changes that will optimize our health and longevity. 


  • Define "epigenetics” and its role in physical and mental health.

  • Cite the differences between the two basic types of stress response.

  • Describe at least 3 of the 7 basic biochemical pathways in the body governed by epigenetics.

Kenneth R. Pelletier, PhD, MD, is a clinical professor of medicine at the University of California School of Medicine, San Francisco (UCSF). At the UCSF School of Medicine, he is director of the Corporate Health Improvement Program (CHIP), a research program between CHIP and 15 of the Fortune 500 corporations. He is author of 13 books on integrative medicine, including his new book, Change Your Genes – Change Your Life: Creating Optimal Health Through the New Science of Epigenetics.

Level: All

** All keynote sessions are approved for APA CE and many other CE boards.

Please see CE Hours page for all CE details.

Sunday, May 5, 2019     1:45 PM - 3:15 PM

Larry Dossey, MD

Consciousness & Healing: The Unfolding Vision

Human health and illness in the 20th century were overwhelmingly viewed through the lens of physicality and the proper functioning of the body. A major transition in this perspective has arisen

as a consequence of new findings such as the human biofield and the nonlocal manifestations of consciousness. These discoveries are not only leading to new therapies; they also challenge our basic understanding of the nature of consciousness, including its origins and destiny. Larry will discuss

these developments, with reference to recent findings in mainstream science and clinical medicine.



  • Define the major eras in medical science, beginning with the transition of medicine into a
    scientific discipline.

  • Describe the materialistic view of the origin and destiny of consciousness.

  • Describe 3 attributes of a nonlocal view of consciousness.

  • Describe a clinical example in which nonlocal factors of consciousness operate.

Larry Dossey, MD, is a physician of internal medicine. He was co-chair of the Panel on Mind/Body Interventions, National Institutes of Health. He co-founded and is currently executive editor of the peer-reviewed journal Explore: The Journal of Science and Healing. Dossey lectures widely about the role of consciousness and spirituality in health. He has published more than a hundred articles and is the author of thirteen books, including Healing Words and One Mind: How Our Individual Mind Is Part of a Greater Mind.

Level: All

** All keynote sessions are approved for APA CE and many other CE boards.

Please see CE Hours page for all CE details.


Saturday, May 4, 2019    2:15 PM - 3:15 PM

Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv

A Medicine of Hope & Possibility: Using Stories of Amazing People to Drive Change in Healthcare**

1 CE hour

We will examine the research and clinical underpinnings of a science of health and vitality, focusing on people with medical evidence for unexpected recovery from medical illnesses that are traditionally considered incurable. The role of psychology as it relates to a science of health and vitality will be discussed, as well as issues related to the democratization of medicine and psychology. At the end, we will explore the strengths and limitations of a biopsychosocial methodology using biomedical markers.



  •  Name 2 different factors that distinguish a science of disease from a science of health and vitality. 

  • Describe 2 research studies that have been done on the spontaneous remission of illness, and 2 research challenges associated with such investigations. 

Jeffrey Rediger, MD, MDiv, is on the faculty of Harvard Medical School, the Medical Director of McLean SE and Community Affairs at McLean Hospital, and the Chief of Behavioral Medicine at Caritas Good Samaritan Medical Center. A licensed physician and board-certified psychiatrist, he also has a Master of Divinity from Princeton Theological Seminary. Jeffrey’s research with remarkable individuals who have recovered from illnesses considered incurable has been featured on the Oprah Winfrey and Dr. Oz Shows, among others. He has been nominated for the National Bravewell Leadership Award, and has received numerous awards related to leadership and patient care. 

Level: All

Master Mingtong Gu

Awaken to Your Wholeness Through Transformation of Energy*                                               

1 CE hour

Your true Nature is wholeness at One with the universe and all life. Through Wisdom Healing Qigong, Master Mingtong Gu will guide you to awake and transform untapped energy inside you to deepen your direct experience as a human energy field of consciousness directly connected to the wholeness of the energetic universe. Out of this realization, your joy, creativity, and love can naturally flow with deeper knowing and your well-being will be blessed with the inner and outer presence of effortless energy.



  • Describe 2 specific movements that cultivate joy and well-being, as a means to manage stress.

  • Describe 2 sound meditations that cultivate joy, emotional balance and well-being.

With his joyous and skillful Wisdom Healing Qigong teachings, Master Mingtong Gu brings ancient wisdom to the West for better health and happiness in contemporary times. Named Qigong Master of the Year by the 13th World Congress for Qigong and Traditional Chinese Medicine, he is founder of The Chi Center and The Center for Wisdom Healing Qigong in Santa Fe. Master Gu leads retreats and workshops around the world. He is the author of books and online programs.

Level: All

Saturday, May 4, 2019     3:30 PM - 4:30 PM

Joanne Callahan, MBA

Negative Polarity & the Evolution of TFT - Where Are We Today?*

1 CE hour

Thought Field Therapy has been shown through research and clinical practice to be an effective treatment for anxiety and phobias. Correcting psychological reversals was always part of the TFT protocols in the research studies. You will learn about advances in assessing and treating psychological reversals that appear to further enhance the clinical effectiveness of Thought Field Therapy protocols as well as other energy psychology interventions.  



  • Describe psychological reversals.

  • Identify and then correct each of the five levels of psychological reversals. 

Joanne Callahan, MBA, is co-developer of Thought Field Therapy®, and CEO of Callahan Techniques, Ltd.  She is director of TFT Training worldwide and president of the TFT Foundation, USA. Joanne is co-author of Stop the Nightmares of Trauma, published in English, German and Spanish, and Tapping the Body’s Energy Pathways. She presents and teaches Thought Field Therapy around the world, and was executive producer on the foundation’s documentary “From TRAUMA to PEACE” which appeared in 7 film festivals. Joanne received her MBA in healthcare administration from California State University San Marcos.

Level: All

Victor Lee Lewis, MA

Healing the Divide: How Diversity & Energy Psychology Are Better Together*

1 CE hour

The Western world is experiencing increasing strife around social differences. Diversity and inclusion education suffers from a limited understanding of how to heal stress and trauma. Energy psychology suffers from narrow demographics and cultural assumptions. 

A real conversation about diversity issues often brings up unregulated affect for each party. We need to acknowledge these issues before having the conversation. Integrating energy psychology with a “Name it to tame it” strategy can open the door to hard conversations that are generative and productive. This session will begin a conversation on how to heal the traumas we all have around these issues.


  • Name the 3 most important things to do to frame a “Hard but Good” conversation about diversity, race, class, gender, etc.

  • Describe at least 1 way to use EFT or other energy psychology method to reduce emotional reactivity to conversations about race, gender, class, and difference.

Victor Lee Lewis, MA, is founder and director of the Radical Resilience Institute, and Radical Resilience Coaching and Consulting. He is a thought leader in the world of diversity and inclusion education, best known for his leadership role in the award-winning race relations documentary, "The Color of Fear". Victor has 30 years experience developing training programs for organizations and government agencies. He is an EFT expert practitioner/trainer, and NLP trainer.

Level: All

* Session is approved for different CE boards, but no APA CE is available.

** Session is approved for APA CE and many other CE boards.

Please visit the CE Hours page for detailed information.

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