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Keynotes & Invited Presenters
(All keynotes and invited presenters will be livestreamed online.)

World-Class Keynotes

Thursday, June 1, 2023    

5:30 pm - 6:30 pm
(5:15 Opening & Introduction)


Peta Stapleton

Are Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) Evidence Based?

The American Psychological Association Report & Beyond

1 CE Hour** / ***

Level: All

There is an accelerating trend of acceptance of energy psychology, and we're getting closer to the tipping point. Discover why we can now say that EFT is evidence based - and why this is such an important milestone.


  • Describe the current evidence of Clinical EFT for the treatment of PTSD.

  • Explain the term 'evidence based' and the outcomes of the APA review.


Peta Stapleton PhD, PGDipPsy, is a registered clinical/health psychologist and associate professor, Bond University (Australia). She is a leading EFT researcher and has been awarded many honors, including 2019 Psychologist of the Year (Australian Allied Health Awards). Peta has authored The Science Behind Tapping: A Proven Stress Management Technique for the Mind and Body, which won Best Self Help Book (American Book Fest).

Thursday, June 1, 2023    
6:30 pm
 - 7:30 pm 


Roger Jahnke

Calm Down – Power Up:

Embodied Energy Practices for Practitioners & Clients 

1 CE Hour** / ***

Level: All

Qigong is among the oldest and most effective of the ancient energy healing techniques. It combines mind focus and intentional self-talk with gentle movement, breath practice and self-massage – an accessible method for regulating physiological, psychological and energetic states.  We will explore easy, accessible practices for your clients, and more importantly for yourself! Roger will distill the research and lead simple practices you can use and teach your clients in just a few minutes.


  • Describe 1 qigong practice for calming down.

  • Describe 3 key research studies behind qigong.​


Roger Jahnke, OMD, was among the first American doctors of Chinese medicine and energy medicine. Author of Healer Within and Healing Promise of Qi, Roger is a lecturer, trainer, researcher and director of the Institute of Integral Qigong and Tai Chi.

Friday, June 2, 2023
8:30 am - 10:00 am
(8:00 am - 8:30am Opening Ceremony)



Janina Fisher

Mind-Body Approaches for Healing Traumatic Attachment

1.5 CE Hour** / ***

Level: All

The effects of traumatic attachment are the most frequent complication in treating trauma. Rather than experiencing others as a haven of safety, traumatized clients are driven by powerful wishes and fears of relationship. Even the presence of the therapist may be triggering and autonomically dysregulating. Although our methods, such as EMDR, Thought Field Therapy, and Emotional Freedom Techniques, are very effective approaches to treating trauma, their use can be undermined by fears.

We will explore how the destabilizing effects of therapy and therapists for clients with traumatic attachment issues can be addressed by integrating somatic and mindfulness-based approaches into treatment. 



  • Describe the long-term effects of traumatic attachment in childhood.

  • Describe coregulation techniques that can be integrated into EMDR and energy therapy treatments.

  • Identify the signs of autonomic dysregulation.


Janina Fisher, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist and former instructor, Harvard Medical School. An international expert on the treatment of trauma, she is the author of several books, including Healing the Fragmented Selves of Trauma Survivors: Overcoming Self-Alienation. Janina is best known for her work on integrating neurobiologically-informed interventions into traditional psychotherapy.

Friday, June 2, 2023
4:45 pm - 5:45 pm
(4:30 pm - 4:45 pm  Introduction)

amikaela gaston 72_edited.jpg

Amikaeyla Gaston

Music as Medicine:

The Healing Art of Advocacy in an Ever-Transforming World

1 CE Hour* / 

Level: All

We will explore art as advocacy and how the healing effects of music allow us to deconstruct the formation of systems and structures developed to build barriers and keep us apart. We will use critical analysis and sharing through stories, music, film clips, dialogue, and activities designed for self-reflection and observation. As a group, we will step into conversations critical for the enhancement of our creative problem-solving capacities and healing. We will engage in fundamental processes to achieve social justice and the movement towards liberation.



  • Describe the concept of music as medicine. 

  • Describe how art as advocacy is an integral, transformative learning process in adult learning that can lead to deep cultural change and reflect antiracist and anti-bias strategies.


Amikaeyla Gaston, proclaimed as one of the “purest contemporary voices” by National Public Radio, is a speaker, performer, educator and author. She is founder of the International Cultural Arts & Healing Sciences Institute. Amikaeyla travels the world as a cultural arts ambassador with the US State Department and the UN. She received the Voss Foundation’s Emerging Leaders Women Helping Women Award, the UN Global Woman Award, and the Hero for Peace and Forgiveness Award. Amikaeyla brings together artists and healers to promote healing and wellness through the arts and activism. She was invited to perform by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

Friday, June 2, 2023
5:45 pm - 6:45 pm


Dean Radin-236-X3_edited.jpg

Dean Radin

Has the Paradigm Shifted Yet?

1 CE Hour** / ***

Level: All

What is the nature of reality, the role of consciousness in the physical world, and the relationship between brain and mind? In Western traditions, for millennia, these were topics discussed only by philosophers. Over the past few centuries, science has begun to tackle these fundamental questions, and the results are converging toward a worldview that not long ago was dismissed as esoteric folklore. As the shift in the scientific paradigm accelerates, the future of technology, healthcare, business, and beyond will necessarily change. We will explore the promises and challenges that will accompany this remarkable evolution in our collective worldview. 


  • Describe the nature and consequences of scientific paradigms.

  • State the promises and challenges of our evolving worldview.

Dean Radin, PhD is chief scientist at the Institute of Noetic Sciences, associated distinguished professor at the California Institute of Integral Studies, and chairman of the genetic engineering company, Cognigenics, Inc. In 2022, he was awarded an honorary doctorate from the Swami Vivekananda University in India. Dean has given nearly 700 invited presentations and interviews, and is author of hundreds of professional, technical, and popular articles, dozens of book chapters, and four popular books, including Real Magic.

Saturday, June 3, 2023
8:30 am - 9:30 am
(8:00 am - 8:30am Opening & Introduction

jim oschman_edited.jpg

James Oschman

The Energetics of Thought & Touch

1 CE Hour** / ***

Level: All

All therapeutic modalities involve touching in one way or another - whether that touch is physical, mental, emotional, energetic or a combination. We will explore the energetic exchanges taking place before, during, and after you make contact with a person. Topics include the biofield, the energetics of intention, energetic hygiene, and the nature of the forces involved, including the ways the heart acts as a bidirectional antenna.


  • Explain how your thoughts can affect your health and the health of those around you.

  • Describe the various energetic circuits in the body.

James Oschman, PhD, has degrees in biophysics and biology from the University of Pittsburgh. He has worked in major research labs around the world. Jim's studies of energy medicine are published in hundreds of articles and in three books, Energy Medicine: the Scientific Basis (2 editions) and Energy Medicine in Therapeutics and Human Performance. 

Saturday, June 3, 2023
9:30 am - 10:30 am


Jonathan Goldman

The Science & Practice of Sound Healing

1 CE Hour* / ***

Level: All

Discover the power of sound to heal and transform. Explore the scientific basis of using sound for healing and transformation. Find out how sounds can enhance your health and wellness - and that of your clients. You will learn how sound can: energize and balance the brain, strengthen the immune system, tune the nervous system, resonate cellular structure, enhance relaxation, reduce stress and heighten consciousness. Includes: group sound healing exercises and techniques, extraordinary visual images, award-winning healing music and cutting-edge scientific and spiritual information. Jonathan will help us awaken the amazing power of sound that lies within all of us.


  • Delineate at least 3 scientifically supported healing effects of sound and sound therapy.

  • Describe at least 2 scientific theories of how sounds can enhance health and wellness in clients.

Jonathan Goldman, MA, is an international authority and pioneer in the field of sound healing. He is author of numerous books, including The 7 Secrets of Sound Healing, and the best-selling The Humming Effect which won the 2018 Gold Visionary Award for Health Books. Jonathan is director of the Sound Healers Association and president of Spirit Music, Inc. in Boulder, Colorado. A Grammy nominee, he has created over 25 best-selling, award-winning recordings. Jonathan has been named as one of Watkins’ Mind Body Spirit magazine’s “100 Most Spiritually Influential Living People”. 

Sunday, June 4, 2023
2:00 pm - 3:30 pm
(1:45pm - 2:00pm Introduction


David Feinstein

Uses of Energy Psychology Following Catastrophic Events

1.5 CE Hours** / ***

Level: All

Acupoint tapping protocols have been successfully applied following natural and human-made disasters in over 30 countries. Four tiers of energy psychology interventions will be described, advantages of the approach over conventional exposure methods outlined, efficient delivery methods considered, unintended effects discussed, and field reports from various post-disaster settings presented.


  • Name the 4 tiers of energy psychology interventions in the wake of catastrophic events. 

  • Contrast exposure approaches that combine acupoint tapping with conventional exposure techniques.

  • Describe 2 approaches for efficiently delivering energy psychology to large numbers.

David Feinstein PhD, DCEP, a clinical psychologist, has received nine national awards for his books on consciousness and energy healing. He has served on the faculty of The Johns Hopkins Medical School and, with his wife, Donna Eden, directs the world's largest organization teaching energy medicine.

Compelling Invited Presenters

Friday, June 2, 2023
2:45 pm - 3:45 pm



Azim Khamisa

The Journey of Forgiveness: Destination Peace

1 CE Hour*

Level: All

Most people are either in resentment about what harm has happened to them or in guilt about the harm they have done to another. In this talk, Azim shows us how to be free of guilt, anger, resentment and hatred so that we can enter the pathway of peace, using the same three steps Azim used to forgive his son's murderer. We can use the same method with our clients. Azim has shared this talk with over 2 million people worldwide.



  • Describe the 3 steps to facilitate forgiveness.

  • Describe at least 3 negative effects of holding on to resentment or guilt.

Azim Khamisa is founder and Leader of The Tariq Khamisa Foundation. He is an emissary of peace and an international inspirational speaker, an award-winning author of 5 books including From Murder to Forgiveness. He is a recipient of over 80 local, national and international awards, with over 700 worldwide keynotes and over 1,000 student presentations. Azim has been featured in countless media publications.

Gruder Headshot Facing Right 2_edited.jpg

David Gruder

ACEP's First President Reflects on Its Origins & Future
1 CE Hour** / ***

Level: All

In honor of ACEP's 25th anniversary, its first president offers a retrospective on ACEP's origins and founding vision, the key transitions in the consumer marketplace that have occurred since ACEP was founded and the ethical imperative this creates. David will also explore the ways research indicates that ACEP -- and YOU -- can remain at the forefront of the human potential movement and enhancing humanity's wellbeing... especially as the marketplace continues its transition from the experience economy to the transformation economy, and beyond.


  • Summarize the 4 key aspects of ACEP's founding purpose.

  • State the ethical imperative of the current development stage in the 3 stages the consumer marketplace has undergone since ACEP's founding.

  • State 4 ways ACEP can remain at the forefront of the human potential movement's future, according to the research cited.

David Gruder PhD, DCEP, is ACEP co-founder and 1st president. He is a 12-award-winning clinical and organizational development psychologist. President of Integrity Culture Systems™, David provides keynotes, training programs and consulting on making integrity profitable, leaders elevated, collaborators productive, happiness sustainable, and cultures healthy. His latest books are The Nimble C-Suite and The Nimble Company, and his societal wellbeing initiative is Revisioning Humanity.

Saturday, June 3, 2023
5:15 pm - 6:15 pm

Fred 2008-1_edited.jpg

Fred Gallo
If You Meet the Toolbox on the Road, Kill it! Accessing Wisdom

1 CE Hour* / ***

Level: All

To support therapeutic change, energy psychology (and other approaches) offers a wide range of techniques. These techniques include attunement, SUDS, muscle testing, therapy localization, acupoint and chakra stimulation, psychological reversal correction, reframing, affirmations, outcome projection, and more. Aside from techniques, real power operates behind the scenes. In this presentation we pull back the curtain of the elusive obvious to reveal and increase the power of any techniques that you choose. 


  • List the 6 phases of the RILITA Model.

  • List 5 types of psychological reversal.

Fred Gallo PhD, DCEP, is an energy psychology pioneer and author of numerous articles, manuals, and nine books. He is the author of Energy Psychology, Energy Diagnostic and Treatment Methods, Energy Tapping for Trauma, and The Tapping Techniques Toolbox. Fred has presented worldwide on energy psychology and has certified several thousand professionals in his Advanced Energy Psychology.


Asha Clinton

Energy Psychology Can Treat Disease

1 CE Hour*

Level: All

Our growing understanding of the body, the interconnectedness of body, psyche, intellect and spirit, and energetic treatment is producing new ways to treat disease. You will learn two energy psychology methods you can use to treat illness as well as the concepts they are grounded in. 


  • Define the Center and explain how it can be used to treat an illness.

  • List 2 energy psychology methods that can be used to treat the psychological aspects of disease.

Asha Clinton MSW, PhD, is former Princeton professor. She began to develop Advanced Integrative Therapy in 1999 and has created 15 AIT seminars. Asha is internationally known as an excellent presenter, for her skill in treating trauma, psychogenic illness, and spiritual impasse, and for her humanitarian aid work.

*    Session is approved for different CE boards, but no CE for psychologists is available.

**  Session is approved for CE for psychologists and and many other CE boards.

*** Session is approved for NBCC CE.

Please visit the CE Hours page for detailed information.

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