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Pre- & Post-Conference Intensives


Thursday, May 30, 2024    
8:30 am - 4:15 pm

Intensive Gaston intensive presenter
P1. Finding Forgiveness, Accessing Your Power & Unleashing Your Voice, Even After Adversity

Amikaeyla Gaston 

NO CE Hours

Level: All

How do you shed ancient wounds and find the passion and power to be your truest, fiercest you while crafting a joyful, purpose-filled life? We will explore this question while learning the HeartVoice Method to help you examine individual and communal wounds that can cause critical communication breakdown. Through music, visualization, breathwork, film, theater, and dialogue, discover the transformative power of forgiveness and embracing our deep connection. Explore this restorative space as we heal ourselves and celebrate our inner power while becoming effective communicators and changemakers.


  • Describe the key principles of Accessing Your Power.

  • Describe 2 key tools that can help people access their internal courage and build their confidence when faced with stressful situations.

  • Describe the key principles of Activating your Authentic Voice.

  • Demonstrate 2 practices used shape your voice in a healthy way, leading to successful interactions with others allowing access to your internal power and integrity.


Amikaeyla Gaston travels the world as a cultural arts ambassador with the US State Department and the UN. She is a speaker, performer, educator and author. Amikaeyla founded the International Cultural Arts & Healing Sciences Institute. She received the UN Global Woman Award. Amikaeyla was invited to perform by His Holiness the Dalai Lama.

David Gruder intensive presenter
P2. Cultivating Resilience: Equip Your Clients to Thrive Amidst Unprecedented Societal Challenges

David Gruder

6 CE Hours** 

Level: All

Our clients are experiencing record-high levels of sustained stress, fueled by the unpredictable state of a world besieged by ongoing upheavals. Explore this unique, experiential opportunity to master a practical, integrative psychoeducational framework that can help your clients more effectively deal with societal stress. 


  • Summarize the findings of the APA's latest annual Stress in America Survey.

  • State the ethical imperative related to psychotherapist social responsibility that this program emphasizes.

  • Define each of the 5 ingredients in the psychoeducational framework.

  • Describe what this program means by "spells."

  • List the 2 interactive aspects of personal purpose.

  • Define the 3 skillsets categories for developing socially responsible self-sovereignty.


ACEP co-founder and first president, David Gruder PhD, DCEP, is a 12-award-winning clinical & organizational development psychologist. He provides keynotes, training programs, consulting, mentoring, and facilitation, in making integrity profitable, leaders elevated, collaborators productive, happiness purpose-based, and cultures healthy. His latest project: The Center for Enlightened Self-Sovereignty.

humanitarian committee  presenters
P3. From Fight/Flight to Flowering: Nurturing Resilience 

Maria Limardo, Robin Masiewicz, Kristin Miller, Amy Frost

6 CE Hours*

Level: All

Energy psychology has pioneered the use of evidence-based, mind-body tools that are as effective in times of trauma as they are for daily wellbeing. Discover how to build wellness and resilience into community outreach programs so we can all become deeply connected in our essential nature and our communities can access and function within this unified field of compassion.



  • Describe 3 important principles of Emotional Aid.

  • Demonstrate at least 3 evidence-based tools used in emotional aid, mental fitness, and resilience building.

  • Describe 2 ways to connect with the essential self and the unified energy field of compassion using evidence-based skills.

  • Describe the components of the Flowerful Living Model.

  • Create an outreach strategy to build, strengthen, and maintain Flowerful Living’s emotional aid, mental fitness, and resilience model in your community.

  • Demonstrate an interactive group exercise using flowers and energy psychology tools.

Maria Limardo, PhD, is a medical intuitive, with a PhD in human genetics. An Intuitive since birth, she is certified in multiple energy healing and energy psychology modalities. Maria received ACEP's 2021 Spreading the Word Award and is an active member of ACEP's humanitarian committee. 


Robin Masiewicz is Flowerful Living's founder, creator, and host of the Transformation Cafe Podcast. She is a professional, award-winning florist and owner of Flowers for You for forty-three years. Robin was in ACEP's Veteran-to-Veteran Project as a peer-to-peer energy psychology coach.


Kristin Miller, PhD, psychologist, DCEP, TFT and TTT humanitarian trainer, specializes in treating developmental intergenerational trauma. She has developed Emotional First Aid materials and training through ACEP’s Humanitarian Committee and participates in community trauma management programs through Shasta County’s ACE’s Program and Wellness Program.

Amy Frost, MBA, MA spiritual psychology, is a trainer, community collaborator, podcast host (500+ shows) and facilitator. She has used tapping and other energy psychology techniques in her work with Military/Veteran/families, caregivers, business, career, and leadership training. Amy received ACEP's Humanitarian Award.

Llewelyn intensive presenter
P4. Harmonizing Healing: Trauma Processing & Attachment Repair Using the Vagus Nerve & Chakras 

Cheryl Llewelyn

6 CE Hours* 

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Discover how the vagus nerve, through polyvagal theory, aligns with the seven main chakras to communicate messages of safety or distress. Develop deeper awareness of what your client's body is implicitly communicating so you can help them clear traumatic responses.


  • Describe polyvagal theory (Porges, 1993) and its importance in trauma processing.

  • List the seven main chakras, their psychological dimensions and what they reveal. 

  • State how the vagus nerve and chakras align and reveal messages in the body for both clients and therapists.

  • Describe 2 types of trauma.

  • Describe how to collaborate with client to set up a tx plan.

  • Describe how to recognize spiritual bypassing in clients (and therapists) during trauma processing.

Cheryl Llewelyn, MEd, LPC is Internal Family Systems trained, certified in EMDR and energy psychology. Cheryl also uses polyvagal theory, chakras and subtle energies in her work. She is a reiki master. Her book, Chakras and the Vagus Nerve was released April 2023.

Judith Swack intensive presenter
P5. Find & Eliminate Hidden Patterns of Suffering 

Judith Swack

6 CE Hours***

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Explore Judith Swack's original research on hidden patterns of suffering. Understand why these patterns remain hidden, learn effective methods to uncover them, and discover how to clear them. Clients and practitioners alike will reap profound benefits and elevate their healing work to the next level.


  • List 3 patterns that interfere with accurate muscle testing.

  • Perform the Simple Clearing protocol.

  • Apply a meridian tapping technique for unblocking the energy field.

  • Describe the 3 steps for treating negative transference.

  • Utilize a meridian tapping technique for clearing fear of the truth.

  • Perform a protocol for fully integrating the soul in the body.

Judith A. Swack, PhD, biochemist/immunologist, Master NLP practitioner, and mind/body healer is the originator of Healing from the Body Level Up, an innovative and powerful methodology with transformative results. Judith received the 2015 ACEP award for major Contribution to the Field of Energy Psychology.

Lori Leyden intensive presenter
P6. Embodiment: Achieving Therapeutic Presence Through Your Heart-Brain-Body Connection 

Lori Leyden

6 CE Hours* 

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

Therapeutic presence is essential to effective therapy. How can we sustain and nurture it within ourselves? Discover practical skills based on the heart-brain-body connection, The Grace Process and EFT. Experience what it means to be fully present so you can access your highest healing gifts. Leave with tools that strengthen your ability to achieve healing states for yourself and your clients..  


  • Describe 3 characteristics of therapeutic presence.

  • Name the 5 elements of The Grace Process and identify which parts of the process are for releasing blocks to therapeutic presence.

  • Name 2 ways to achieve heart coherence.

  • Describe 1 way to apply EFT to The Grace Process formula.

  • Name 3 aspects of therapeutic presence that are activated in heart coherence.

  • Describe the physiological state of being in heart coherence versus ego.

Lori Leyden PhD, MBA, facilitates healing work internationally with The Grace Process and has worked extensively with traumatized communities for over 16 years. She is the founder of Create Global Healing, a non-profit corporation committed to developing heart-centered healing & leadership programs for traumatized youth, US students and humanitarians.

*    Session is approved for different CE boards, but no CE for psychologists is available.

**  Session is approved for CE for psychologists and and many other CE boards.

*** Session is approved for various CE boards, but not for psychologists and NBCC CE

Please visit the CE Hours page for detailed information.


Monday, June 3, 2024
9:00 am - 5:00 pm

intensive presenter
T1. Transformation for Treating Difficult Issues and Disorders with AIT

Marilyn Dougall and Catherine Varino

6 CE Hours***

Level: All

Learn how to address complex issues and disorders that often defy conventional treatment with Advanced Integrative Therapy depth work. Explore the AIT Trauma and Traumatic Connections Protocols, and the 3-Step Transformation process. Help your clients unravel early trauma's impact on mental health and well-being, offering profound relief for conditions like anxiety, depression, PTSD, and dissociative disorders. 



  • Name the 3 steps that comprise 3-Step Transformation.

  • List 5 energy centers used in AIT to transform trauma.

  • Identify 3 types of psychological disorders that are caused by trauma.

  • Identify and explain 2 purposes for using 3-Step Transformation.

  • Name 2 ways of correcting neurological disorganization.

  • State AIT's definition of trauma.


Marilyn Dougall, LCSW was introduced to AIT in 2005. She has been using AIT in her private practice since then. Marilyn is an AIT teacher and supervisor and can teach all 16 seminars. She facilitates an ongoing supervision class, now in its third year.

Catherine Varino, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker in private practice in New Orleans, LA. She is passionate about energy psychology and has been a certified Advanced Integrative Therapy (AIT) practitioner for over 16 years. Catherine is an AIT teacher and supervisor, as well as a board member for the Advanced Integrative Therapy Institute. Her primary clinical focus is identifying and energetically treating complex trauma and its effects.

Fred Gallo intensive presenter
T2. Embrace the Present: Unveiling the Identity Method 

Fred Gallo

6 CE Hours*

Level: All

Dive into the world of the Identity Method (IM), a dynamic approach blending mindfulness, emotional focusing, visualization, and tactile stimulation. Join us for an insightful exploration of IM's conceptual framework and hands-on applications. Discover how this method can effectively treat a spectrum of psychological issues, offering a path to living and learning in the NOW.



  • List the essential features of positive and controlling identities.

  • List the essential components of imprinting upsets.

  • List the steps of the RILITA Model and an IM visualization-tactile stimulation process.

  • List 3 IM techniques for quieting the mind.

  • List the 8 basic protocols used in IM

  • List 5 benefits of mindfulness.


Fred Gallo PhD, DCEP, coined the term energy psychology and is an energy psychology pioneer. He is author of numerous articles, manuals, and 9 books, including Energy Psychology, Energy Tapping for Trauma, and The Tapping Toolbox. Fred presents worldwide and has certified thousands in his Advanced Energy Psychology.

Kristin Hothius intensive presenter
T3. Release the Emotional Roots of Physical Disease to
Recover Health Using Energy Psychology

Kristin Holthuis

6 CE Hours* 

Level: Intermediate / Advanced

When lifestyle changes and medications are not enough... learn from an MD who specializes in energy psychology modalities and Bio-Decoding to pinpoint the specific emotional root causes of physical diseases. Discover how to use energy psychology to clear conscious and subconscious traumatic impacts so your clients can recover health and wellbeing.  



  • Describe 3 theories that explain how unresolved trauma can affect emotional and physical health.

  • Delineate 3 ways to find the root cause of physical symptoms.

  • List a useful sequence of questions to discover specific root causes of physical symptoms.

  • Name 3 approaches to clear conscious emotional root causes of physical disease.

  • Describe 3 ways to address unconscious trauma, including early childhood trauma, birth trauma, in utero and transgenerational trauma.

  • Elucidate 4 crucial elements to develop a personal plan for ongoing self-care and emotional well-being to prevent the recurrence of physical symptoms and dis-ease.


Kristin Holthuis, MD, DCEP, integrates various energy psychology modalities in her holistic practice. She teaches EFT, TFT, TAT, TTT, CEP and Logosynthesis to professionals. She also uses flower essences, Bio-decoding and breathwork and has introduced energy psychology and self-care programs in international institutes, hospitals, and organizations.

Alfred Heath intensive presenter
T4. Empower Intention & Energy Will Follow: Be Set Free Fast 

Alfred Heath &

Adriana Popescu

6 CE Hours*

Level: All

Popescu intensive presenter

"Take a walk on the wild side" of energy psychology! Learn how to put into practice the ancient axiom "energy follows intent" with Be Set Free Fast, the first energy psychology method to synthesize and simplify psychodynamics, somatosensory energetics, and cognitive-behavioral exploration into an elegant and efficient process for transformation.  



  • Name 3 fundamental qualities of consciousness and their relationships with subtle energy polarity.

  • State the correct BSFF definition for the following terms: emotional root, belief, problem, issue, program, and cue.

  • Name and define the 2 levels of consciousness employed in BSFF which control or mediate mental, energetic, and physical activities of the human psyche.

  • Describe the main difference between BSFF and TFT or EFT. 

  • Break out the acronym BE SET FREE FAST.

  • Describe the treatment steps for Basic BSFF self-treatment.


Alfred Heath MA, LPC, fosters mind-body-spirit-energy wellbeing as a coach/facilitator/healer, and professional counselor. He is an NLP, Quantum Entrainment® facilitator, Reiki master, and developer of ZeroPoint Intention™. Alfred was designated by Be Set Free Fast™ developer Dr. Larry Nims to be its principal educator and trainer.


Adriana Popescu, PhD, is a licensed clinical psychologist with over 25 years of treatment experience. She specializes in treating addiction, co-occurring disorders, and trauma, and has directed several treatment programs in the San Francisco Bay Area. She has written several books and hosts a podcast called Kaleidoscope of Possibilities – Alternative Perspectives on Mental Health.

*    Session is approved for different CE boards, but no CE for psychologists is available.

**  Session is approved for CE for psychologists and and many other CE boards.

*** Session is approved for various CE boards, but not for psychologists and NBCC CE.

Please visit the CE Hours page for detailed information.

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