What are my options for the livestream?  

You can purchase the Thursday pre-conference intensive with Mary Sise and Adam Rizvi (Bronze Passport), a Friday-Saturday package (Silver Passport), and/or a Friday, Saturday, Sunday package (Gold Passport).  


Can I purchase just Saturday and Sunday?  

No, sorry, Saturday-Sunday isn’t an option. However, you can purchase the Gold Passport (includes Friday, Saturday and Sunday) for only $50 more – a real bargain. 


Who is CE21?  

CE21 is a provider of livestream and on-demand video services. ACEP is partnering with CE21 to livestream the conference.  


How do I purchase the livestream?  

Click on the button for the package you want to purchase, and you’ll be taken to ACEP’s CE21 page where you’ll purchase the product. You’ll create an account with CE21 to complete your purchase. You can pay with a credit card.  

I already registered for the live conference that has been cancelled.  How do I switch to the live stream?  

You should have received an email from ACEP on or around March 20th that made switching to the live stream as easy as clicking one button. Check your email and spam folders.  If you find it, read the email and click the option you want.  ACEP will handle the rest.  If you can't find the email. Contact the office at  OR call 619-861-2237.  

I already switched my live conference registration to the live stream, but I did not get log in information for the live stream. What do I do?  

If the current date you are reading this is before April 5, we have not gotten you in the CE21 system yet.  Be patient. You will get the log-in information.  Make sure to look for an email from CE21.  If you can't find the email and it is after April 5th, contact the office at  OR call 619-861-2237.  


How do I access the livestream once I’ve purchased it?  

You’ll receive an email from our provider, CE21, with instructions as soon as you purchase it .  


Can I choose which learning labs I want to see?  

Depending on the Passport you choose, you’ll be able to watch the keynotes, invited presentations, and a curated group of learning labs (choose one of two workshop per time slot). 


What are the technical requirements? 

You can use any Windows or Mac computer, because it will be accessible via the web. You’ll want to be sure you have a solid internet connection so there are no interruptions in the stream for you. (You will be able to view a test video after you purchase the package.) 


Can I use a phone/tablet/other mobile device?  

Yes, you can watch the livestream on any device. There is an optional CE21 app for both iPhone/iPad and Android devices.  


Can I get CE hours for the livestream?  

Yes. Please check the CE page on the website to see the overall types of CE credit available.
Check the CE Grid to see board approval for each the session being broadcast. You have to be actively watching the live session to get credit.  


I don’t need that much CE. Can I get CE for only some of the sessions? 

Yes. You can choose how much CE you want to receive. But remember, you must watch the session LIVE if you want to get CE for that session. 


How is my attendance checked for the sessions so that I get CE?  

You must be online throughout each presentation to receive credit.  The computer keeps track if you are logged in to the specific session.  Your browser must be open the entire time of the presentation.  The computer has a little leeway built-in in case you loose connection. At the end of the session you can click the credit button on the navigation bar, fill out the evaluation and the click the certificate button to download your certificate.  You will repeat this process for each session you attend.  


What if I don’t want CE?  

If you aren’t getting CE for the session, we still request that you click the credit button and complete the evaluation. 


When do I get my CE certificate? 

You can fill out an evaluation at the end of each session, at the end of the day, or at the end of the conference. You’ll receive a certificate for each session right after you complete the evaluation.  


Do I have to be in front of the computer all day?  

You have the option to watch the sessions live or via recording. However, if you need CE/CME/CNE, you’ll need to watch the LIVE session you want credit for. 


If you choose to watch the whole conference live, know that there are breaks in between the sessions and a lunch break each day. You can choose to watch as many or as few sessions as you like.   


Can I ask questions?  

Yes, there will be an option for you to send a question in. It will be read by someone in the room.  


What recordings to I get?

For the Bronze passport you get the recordings of the sessions you chose to watch.  For the Silver passport,  you will get to watch the recordings of all of the  invited presentations and learning labs for Friday and Saturday. For the Gold  passport you will get to watch the recordings of all of the  invited presentations and learning labs.

Do I have immediate access to the recordings?  

You won’t get them immediately, but they will be available 48-72 hours after the conference. You’ll be notified when they’re available.   

Can I get CE for watching the recordings of the sessions?  

No, you can only earn CE if you watch the sessions live.  

How long do I have to access the recordings?  

One year from the date they’re available.  

Can I purchase the recordings if I don't attend the livestream?

Yes, you can! We'll email everyone when they're available. However, you won't be able to get CE/CME/CNE hours. You must watch the session live to get continuing education.


Is there an ACEP member discount? 

Yes, ACEP members save $20 on the pre-conference intensive and $50 on the main conference packages.  Contact Leslie Primavera,, for your member discount code. 


How do I become an ACEP member? 

Visit our website to join.  


Can the conference be translated into another language for me?  

Not at this time.  


Will there be transcripts?  

No transcripts are available. 


Can I get the speaker handouts?  

All the handouts that we receive from speakers will be on the ACEP website at They will also be available during the session in the CE21 screen.  Please note that not all speakers submit handouts. 




Is there a guarantee?  

Yes, there is a 100% money back guarantee if you decide the livestream is not for you. However, you must contact CE21 by NOON U.S. Eastern Daylight Time on your first day in order to get a refund.