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  1. It is your responsibility to print all handouts ahead of time.  ACEP does not print handouts onsite.

  2. Not all presenters have handouts. If you do not see session handouts it means that the presenters did not send them to ACEP.

Thursday Handouts

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2022 Research Symposium


P1. Using EP to Address Developmental Trauma (Miller and Michalesen)

P2. Holographic Memory Resolution (Baum)

P3. Free Your Self with the Power of Words - Through Logosynthesis (Lammers)

P4. The Enneagram, Conflict Resolution & Willingness (Hudson)



Friday Handouts


K2. Bel Guided Imagery for Deep Healing (Naparstek)


A1. EFT: From Self-Help to Powerful Clinical Tool (Limerberakis)

A3. Unblocked: Tap into Chakra Empowerment (Lynch)

IP1_Nine Enneagram Paths for Growth & Development (Hudson)

K3_The Role of Attachment Style in Treating Trauma (Poole Heller)


Saturday Handouts

K4. Bliss Brain (Church)

B1. Around the Energy Psychology World in 120 Minutes (Schwarz) 

B3. Exploring Ask & Receive (Altaffer and Radomski)

B4. Treating Core Issues with Sound Therapy (Carpenter)

B5. Resolving Trauma, Cultivating Resilience & Returning to NOW (McGhee)

B9. Use EP to Balance Care in the Unified Field of Compassion (Frost and Miller)

C1. Orientation to the Meridians (Galvin)


C2. Move Beyond Traditional Grief Counseling Techniques (O'Brian)


C5. Frozen in Time: Healing the Fragmented Self (Sise)


C6. Cultivating More Empathy & Compassion for Ourselves & Others (Dicker)

C8. Regulate CNS, Increase Resilience & Enhance Consciousness w/Neurofeedback (Yordy)

IP4. The Energetics Qi of Cultivating an Inner Residence for Transcendental Essence (Jahnke)


Sunday Handouts

D1. Steps to Mastering the Chakras (Zecharia)

D3. The Energetic Repatterning Technique (Delafield)

D7. An Alternative to Muscle Testing (McCampbell Stuart)


D8_Treating Climate Change Anxiety & PTSD_Kane.Ronning

E1. Psychological Reversals: Removing Unconscious Blocks to Healing (Karjala)

E3. Human Design: Energetic Map for Addressing Issues That Resist Treatment (Prochaska )

E4. A Five Element Approach to Building Emotional Resilience Through Energy (Earnest)

E5. From Uncertainty to Hope: The Power of Transformational Change (Groebe)

E7. Energy Psychology for Disaster Relief (Feinstein)

E9. Shifting Mindscapes in EP: Non-Ordinary Visionary Experience (Brockman)

K5_An Emergent WholeWorld-View of a Conscious & Evolutionary Universe (Currivan)


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