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2023 Conference Handouts

We  look forward to seeing you in Baltimore, Maryland!



  1. It is your responsibility to print all handouts ahead of time. ACEP does not print handouts onsite.

  2. Not all presenters have handouts. If the session isn't underlined and linked to a document, then the presenter did not send them to ACEP.

  3. K = Keynoter
    IP = Invited Presenter
    LD = Live Demonstration
    QT = Quantum Talk
    P = Pre con
    T = Post con

Thursday (June 1st) Handouts

(click underlined links below)

2023 Research Symposium schedule

  • Study Sample Size: How Big a Sample Is Enough? Marg Hux, MSc

  • Global Research on the Effects of Access Bars on Stress, Depression, Anxiety and Pain, Terrie Hope, PhD

  • High Intensity Embodied Therapy to Treat Trauma and Addiction - A Case Study, Bruce Wayne Meleski, PhD

  • Chronic Disease Patients’ Constructions of ‘Recovery’ as Facilitated by Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT) Therapy, Mahima Kalla, PhD

  • Daily Mindfulness Meditation for Improved Student Outcomes: A Whole Primary School Approach, Peta Stapleton, PhD

  • A Novel Approach to the Management of Chronic Pain Using an Emotional-Somatic Release Technique in a Yoga Context, Anne Jensen, DC, DPhil (PhD)

  • Keynote Presentation: “Finding Freedom within the Evidence-based Paradigm: Questions for the Creative Practitioner" Anne Jensen, DC, DPhil (PhD)

  • Successful Withdrawal from Six Psychiatric Medications Using Criteria-Based Energy Testing: A Case Report, Alice W. Lee, MD

  • Everything smells of poo: A Case Study Using Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT) for Parosmia Following COVID-19, Liz Boath, PhD

  • Musicians in the Zone: Emotional Freedom Technique as a Clinical Pilot Intervention Targeting Music Performance Anxiety, Subjective Wellbeing, Flow and Pitch Accuracy in Musicians, Abbey Lawless, PhD


P1. Embodied Intuition: Wisdom/Application (Hops) 

P2. Mindful Energy Psychology Treatments for Chronic Pain (Fred Gallo)

P3. Heart Assisted Therapy (HAT) in Clinical Practice (Diepold and Milano)

P4. The Energetic Repatterning Technique (Martha Delafield)

P5. Blue Diamond Healing - a Portal to Source (Phil Mollon)

P6. Enrich & Expand Your Results through Sound Therapy (Greg Carpenter)

K1. Are (EFT's) Evidence Based? APA Report & Beyond (Peta Stapleton)

K2. Calm Down – Power Up (Roger Jahnke)


Friday (June 2nd) Handouts


K3. Mind-Body Approaches for Healing Traumatic Attachment (Janina Fisher)


A1. Orientation to the Meridians (Michael Galvin)

A2. Create Stable Boundaries & Prevent Burnout (Judith Swack)

A3. Client Self-Regulation, Responsibility & Treatment w/HAT (Kathy Milano)

A4. Quantum Charts: Intuitive Tool that Synchronizes Our Systems (Maria Limardo)

A5. Using EP to Address Attachment Issues (Rachel Michaelsen)

A6. Psychoenergetic Science: Tools for Transformation (Debra Greene)

A7. Using EP in Groups for Enhanced Outcomes (Betsy Muller)

A8. EFT for Successful Weight Loss (Peta Stapleton and Carol Look)

LD1. CEP: Energy Psychology's Best Kept Secret (Sarette Zecharia)

LD2. Experience Ask and Receive (Tom Altaffer)

IP1The Journey of Forgiveness: Destination Peace (Azim Khamisa)

IP2. ACEP's First President Reflects on Its Origins & Future (David Gruder)

K4. Music as Medicine (Amikaeyla Gaston)

K5. Has the Paradigm Shifted Yet? (Dean Radin)



Saturday (June 3rd)  Handouts

K6. The Energetics of Thought & Touch (James Oschman)

K7. The Science & Practice of Sound Healing (Jonathan Goldman)

B1. EFT: From Self-Help to Powerful Clinical Tool (George Limberakis)

B2. Using EP Techniques to Build Emotional Resilience in Children (Jan Yordy)

B3. Strong in Spirit: A Deep Dive into the Process of Forgiving (Azim Khamisa)

B4. Essentials of Pranic Healing: Bioenergy Modality (Mendoza & Chung)

B5. Best Practices in Disaster Mental Health: (Pringle-Nelson & Michaelsen)

B6. N/A

B7. Breakthrough Map & Codes: (Margaret Lynch Raniere)

B8. Shining Light on Psychotherapy: Photobiomodulation (Wayne Hulon)

Quantum Talks

QT2. Wisdom Awareness: Consciousness & Energy Pathways (B. Raven Lee)

QT4. Behind the Art of Sound (Closshey)

C1. Demystifying The Biofield (Sarette Zecharia)


C2. Outgrow Your Comfort: Combat Fears & Live in Fulfillment (Tameika Lawrence)

C3. EFT to Treat Addiction & Co-Occurring Mental Disorders (Adriana Popescu)

C4. Releasing Emotional Shock for Deeper Healing: (Michelle Earnest)


C5. Mastering the Traumagram (Jane McCampbell Stuart)


C6. Simple Blue Diamond Techniques for You to Use (Phil Mollon)

C7. Create the Mindset for Mental Health Resilience in Athletes (Mandi Freger)

C8. Climate Change Anxiety & PTSD: (Susan Kane-Ronning)

LD3. TFT Demonstration (Suzanne Connolly)

LD4. Integrating EFT and Ericksonian Hypnosis for Treating Trauma (Bob Schwarz)

IP4. If You Meet the Toolbox on the Road, Kill it! Accessing Wisdom (Fred Gallo)

IP5. Energy Psychology Can Treat Disease (Asha Clinton)



Sunday (June 4th) Handouts

D2. Autonomic State as a Foundation for Trauma (Shelly Melroe)

D3. Transforming Traumatic Experience with ATFT (Nora Nur Nalinci)

D4. Artist Reborn: Inspirational Case of Complex-PTSD Resolution (Yuliya Cohen)

D5. Connection Between Vagus Nerve & Chakras (Cheryl Llewelyn)


D6. EP Meets Psychedelic-Assisted Therapy: Opportunity for Synergy (Kate Hawke)

D7. If I Create My Own Reality Then Why Are YOU Still Here? (Mary Sise)

D8. Change: Leaving Fundamental Religions/Insular Communities (Chani Getter)

LD5. HBLU Approach to Clearing Seduction Patterns (Judith Swack)

LD6. Using AIT for Treating an Autoimmune Disorder (Asha Clinton)

E1.  Psychological Reversals: Removing Unconscious Blocks (Lynn Karjala)

E2.  EP Approach to Treating Racial Trauma (Shawn Blue)

E3.  Inner Awareness Method: Compassionate Embracing (Teresa Lynch)

E4.  Infinite Intention Technique: (Alice Lee)

E5.  Clearing 14 Generations of Epigenetic Ancestral Limitations (Jennifer Closshey)

E6.  Enhancing Intuition/Consciousness via Contemplative Psych  (Elizabeth Rovere)

E7.  Gyroscopes & Tuning Forks to Gaia & Covid: Energy is the Key (Rick Leskowitz)

E8.  Heartbreak is Real. Can Integrated EP Interventions Help? (Garfield & Munden)

K8. Uses of Energy Psychology Following Catastrophic Events (David Feinstein)

Quantum Talks

The Missing Link: Using EP in Phase 3 of Trauma Treatment (Schwarz)

Embedding Resources for Resilience (Michaelsen Pringle-Nelson)


Monday (June 5th) Post Handouts

T1. Thought Field Therapy Basic (Algorithms)- Robert L. Bray

T1. TFT Algorithms - Training Manual  (Bray) 2nd handout


T2. HeartSpeak Level 1: Allowing Interoception to Guide Healing (Anne Jensen)


T3. Transforming Symptoms of the Lower 4 Chakras in Physical Illnesses (Larry Burk)


T4. Weaving Together What You Know: Approach to Energy (Lynn Karjala)

K = Keynoter

IP = Invited Presenter

LD = Live Demonstration

QT = Quantum Talk

P = Pre con
T = Post con


Please call Leslie Primavera at 619-861-2237 or email her at


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