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2024 Conference Handouts
Available in May!

We  look forward to seeing you in Arizona!



  1. It is your responsibility to print all handouts ahead of time. ACEP does not print handouts onsite.

  2. Not all presenters have handouts. If the session isn't underlined and linked to a document, then the presenter did not send them to ACEP.

  3. K = Keynoter
    P = Pre con
    A-E = Learning Labs
    ​T = Post con
    IP = Invited Presenter

Thursday (May 30th) Handouts

(click underlined links below)

2024 Research Symposium

Thursday Pre conferences


P1. Finding Forgiveness, Accessing Your Power/Unleashing Your Voice (Gaston)

P2. Cultivating Resilience: Equip Your Clients to Thrive (Gruder)


P3. From Fight/Flight to Flowering: Nurturing Resilience (Humanitarian Committee)


P4. Harmonizing Healing: Trauma Processing/Attachment Repair (Llewelyn) 

P5. Find & Eliminate Hidden Patterns of Suffering (Swack)

P6. Embodiment: Achieving Therapeutic Presence (Leyden)

K1a. Polyvagal Theory: Harnessing the Healing Power of Safety Signals (Porges)

K1b. Porges


Friday (May 31st) Handouts


K2. Polyvagal Theory_Porges


A1. Orientation to the Meridians (Galvin)

A2. How TAT Promotes Non-dual Consciousness (Fleming)

A3. Soul Weaving: Integrating Fragmented Parts Using EP (Sise)

A4. Transforming Limiting Beliefs: A 4 Step Multidimensional Approach (Greene)

A5. Enhancing Therapeutic Skills - Canceled

A6a. Procrastination Breakthrough (Lynch Raniere)

A6b. Help Trauma Be Less Sticky (Spindler)

A7. Clear Unconscious Programming That Interferes with Healing (Straus)

IP1. Elemental Insights: 5 Elements of EP (Dahlin)


Saturday (June 1st)  Handouts

K4.Thriving Beyond Adversity_Schwartz


B1. Evolution & Application of EFT: From Self-Help to Powerful Tool (Limberakis)

B2. Higher Dimensional Healing: Blue Diamond & Physics of William Tiller (Mollon)

B3. Transforming Grief into Growth: Nurturing Resilience & Renewal (Groebe)

B4. Release Fear from Your Voice to Manifest Powerfully (Jorgensen)

B5. Tapping into Healthy Masculinity: A Practitioner's Guide (Burk and Gruder)

B6a. Healing Inter-generational Violence & Trauma (Fleming)

B6b. Mindful Color Intervention for Upgrading Your Inner Parent (Baum)


B7. Toxic Relationships: Addicted to the Breadcrumbs of Love (Munden) 

C1. Energy Testing: Fundamentals for Accurate & Ethical Muscle Testing (Bird Weaver)


C2. Empower Energy Technique: Advances in Transforming Mental Health (Lee)

C3. Healing Birth Story: Clearing Inherited, Intergenerational Trauma (McCampbell)

C4. T’ai Chi Fundamentals®: Fostering Energetic Transformation (Rosenberg)


C5. Ego State Therapy & EP: Approach to Healing Childhood Trauma (Miller)


C6a. Healing at Roots: Core Ask & Receive for Pre-Birth Trauma (Altaffer's)

C6b. Allergy Antidotes: Three Ways to Relieve Allergy-like Reactions (Radomski)

C7. Breaking Negative Cycle: Treating Rumination w/AAIT Protocols (McGhee)




Sunday (June 2nd) Handouts

D1. Beliefs & Boundaries: Moral, Ethical & Legal Considerations (Bender) 


D2. Resilience Renewed: Energy Psychology for Healthcare Providers (Timberlake)

D3. Cultivating Compassionate Care: Addressing Trauma in Primary Care (Louder)

D4. Transforming Lives: EP in Harmony with Gestalt & Existential Therapy (Sakai)

D5. EFT for Transforming Chronic Pain: 3 Things That Keep Sufferers Stuck (McCosker) 

D6a. Don’t Sacrifice Yourself (Swack)

D6b. Inner Awareness Method (Lynch)

D7. Cellular Resonance Quantum Healing & Energy Psychology: (Lehrer)


E1. Harmonizing Progress w/ SEI (Zecharia) 

E2. Intention Tapping (Carpenter)

E3. Diagnosing & Treating Cultural Historical Trauma (Pace) 

E4. Using Human Design to Elevate EP (Delafield)

E5. Synergies Unveiled (Monroe)

E6a. Harmonize your Being (Michaelsen)

E6b. Journey of Awakening (Joba)

E7. Beyond The Five (Closshey)

K5. Healing & Spiritual Awakening as One (Mingtong Gu)


Monday (June 3rd) Post Handouts

T1. Transformation for Treating Difficult Issues with AIT (McDougall)


T2. Embrace the Present: Unveiling Identity Method (Gallo)

T3. Release Emotional Roots of Physical Disease (Holthuis)


T4a. Empower Intention: Be Set Free Fast (Heath)

T4b. Heath




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